We notched the subframe on our 1971 Camaro project car to make room for the LS1’s Sanden SD7B10 mini A/C compressor and factory alternator. You might be wondering why we would notch the subframe when there are so many relocation brackets out there. It’s mostly personal preference. Dan prefers the “tight” look as they call it. This just means that the alternator and A/C compressor stay low, keeping the engine bay looking clean.

Begin by marking around the A/C compressor and alternator while the LS1 is in the subframe. Next remove the LS1 from the subframe and clean up the markings. Use a combination of the straight die grinder and the right angle Chicago Pneumatic CP875 Die Grinder to make the cuts. Use 1/8 inch flat stock to make the filler pieces. Cut two pieces of steel for each side, one for the vertical piece and one for the piece that we will put a bend into. Use a pipe in a vise to make the bends.

Tack weld the pieces into the subframe, using a body hammer to push down on the curved piece. Finally tack weld the pieces together and remove them from the subframe. Fully weld the two pieces of steel on the bench and then return them back to the Camaro subframe. Don’t forget to bevel the edges. Dress up your welds.

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