I’ve wanted to get a sheet metal gauge tool for a while now. It’s a tool that I’ could have used many times before I finally purchased one. This tool removes the guess work in determining the correct sheet metal thickness to use on my 1971 Camaro project. I’ve used the digital caliper in the past, but it’s a bit time consuming and I have to convert the measurement over to the corresponding sheet metal gauge. Often, the measurement isn’t exact so I’m left guessing. After starting the RestoCar youtube channel and working on my car more frequently, I decided to make the purchase. I went on Amazon and found one that was reasonably priced with good reviews, the Eapele Double-Sided Wire/Metal Sheet Thickness Gauge.

What Can You Do With This

Obviously the purpose of this sheet metal gauge tool is to measure the thickness of sheet metal and plate steel, but here are three ways that I use it with my 1971 Camaro project.

My primary use of this sheet metal gauge tool is to determine the sheet metal thickness of rusted or damaged areas that I cut out of my 1971 Camaro project. Once I know the thickness of the area that needs replaced, I then use this tool to find replacement sheet metal in my garage. I keep a few different thicknesses of sheet metal and plate in stock and often the gauge marking has been removed from the sheet metal.

I also use this sheet metal gauge tool to initially dial in my welder when I’m welding metal thicknesses that I don’t frequently work with. I can measure the thickness of the sheet metal, or plate, and then reference the recommended weld settings table on my welder to get the initial settings. This would also make a great tool for those getting into welding for the first time.

The third way that I use this sheet metal gauge tool is that I take it with me to the surplus store where I buy my sheet metal so that I can measure the thickness of unmarked sheet metal and verify the thickness of the sheet metal that is marked.


The quality of the sheet metal gauge tool is excellent. It’s made of stainless steel so it’s not going to rust or corrode. It’s just thick enough to where it’s not going to bend on you. The measurements are deeply engraved into the metal and painted black making them easy to read. The cuts for measuring sheet metal and plate are very accurate. The quality of this tool is top notch.


The sheet metal gauge tool is small enough to fit in your pocket. It even comes with a key ring so that you can attach it to your key chain or your welder. It measures in at 0.98 inches wide and 2.85 inches long.


The sheet metal gauge tool comes with an 18 month limited warranty. It also appears that Eapele has good customer service because they commented on the one and only one star review where someone said it was sticky (really!), offering to help however they can.

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